Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Music I'm listening to...

...that I don't want to cop to. For the past three months, I have been in love with Ciara's Promise. It reminds me of Prince's Beautiful Ones for reasons I'm not quite sure of, even though Ciara repeats "you, you, you," and "do, do, do," way too many times.

I think only a nerd (or long-time student) could like lyrics like this:

You can be my teacher, I'll do homework
You can give me extra credit, baby I'll do more work...

But it's the ending I really love:

I'll open my heart, give it to you
Tell the whole world that I'm in love with you
Whatever you want,
Baby I'll do
I know I don't want nobody else but youuuuuuu

You know who you are...

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AG said...

Dear readers, before you begin heart palpitations, increased blood pressure and sweating and enter into a warm glow thinking, "That last line was meant for ME! Me?! Please, AG, say it's ME!!!" I have actually always wanted to do something equivalent (for my shy self) to Prince's "I want you" at the end of Beautiful Ones.

Now I will think about how many moments of hubris I need to confess this Lenten season.