Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Sadie!

For my spoiled feline companion, who turns 4 today! How they grow up!

And I could never forget my big boy, who turned 8 in February!


CrimsonCatholic said...

OK, I am really starting to get freaked out by this synchronicity thing. One of my cats has a birthday today as well!

Tell me at least that you didn't go to Ben Franklin, so that I don't have to fall off my chair.

AG said...

Ben Franklin? That's where I may have gone to school if we had continued to live in New Orleans East. Alas, a move to Houston and then back landed us on the Northshore, and I was a Mandeville High Skipper.

And don't be too worried - Sadie's real birthday probably isn't on April 1. She was a rescue, and I decided to make her an April Fool's baby from her estimated age. I wanted to make sure she had a birthday to celebrate!

CrimsonCatholic said...

OK, I knew some people on the Mandeville speech team, but I had several close friends at Ben Franklin, so that would have been much more of a "weird coincidence." Then again, I could point out that we moved to Houston for a bit after we left Metairie.

I'm not sure that the adopted/biological birthday distinction really defuses the "weird coincidence" bomb. What I find jarring about the whole experience is the lack of reason for it despite the appearance of order. In a way, the voluntary selection makes the whole thing a little more eerie. Not that I think there is any higher significance behind the whole thing, but this habit of the mind to create patterns that aren't there that reminds me of our fallibility. It reminds me of the dangerous proximity between having a mind suited to perceive God's order in creation and having a mind trying to impose its standards for order onto creation. Given the number of brilliant minds who have fallen into the latter trap (e.g., Plato, Kant), I like to dwell on the sensation of spotting the "weird coincidence" in the interest of noting how providence is a mystery that defies our comprehension. IOW, if there is a reason that our cats have the same nominal birthday, it is something that I will never know, but my noticing it reminds me that there will always be reasons past knowing.

OK, now I'm just rambling. But the "weird coincidence" is something that draws my attention a lot, particularly as a sports fan (heck, the "Bonfire falling before midnight" superstition was institutionalized as an Aggie tradition!). I think things like Groundhog Day and superstition in sports are an homage to the idea that creation always defies our understanding. Rather than casting contempt on this all-too-common human experience, I prefer to cherish it.

ME said...

Of course you forgot to give a dedicated "Happy Bday" to you big boy, I wonder how he is feeling, knowing you love Sadie more than him... I cry for him. LOL